Dump Plastic! No Coast Totes are Eco-Tastic!

If you really want to scare yourself, witness the environmental impact of plastic bags on the environment globally. It’s staggering how many we use, and heartening to see that countries all over the world are banning them. We No Coast organizers want to help our shoppers opt out of disposable bags, so we are launching a new product offering this year – the recycled, reusable tote. The new No Coast Craft-o-rama tote

is an earth friendly cloth tote made from Ecophab™ – an upcycled fabric made from 100% recycled pop bottles. As an added bonus, the print process is water based and doesn’t create toxic waste. As an even BIGGER bonus, the paper used in the image transferring process is recycled – now THAT’S Earth Friendly!

If you’re a vendor, please encourage your friends and family to bring reusable bags to the event this year. We can make a difference!

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