The CL612 Crew

Aisha Formanski

Aisha grew up in the Upper Midwest within a community rich in the traditions of fine and applied arts but she found her true home when she discovered fiber art and metalwork. She studied Jewelry Design at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco. Aisha began her jewelry making business, Everthine Jewelry many years ago. Her book New Directions in Punched Metal Jewelry was published by Interweave Press in the fall of 2013.


Rebecca Yaker

Rebecca Yaker began sewing at age 5, and although she is chastised to this day for breaking her mother’s sewing machine, she has not let up on the pedal. She dedicated 8 years designing apparel for two of America’s largest retailers, but grew tired of being confined in a box. After branching off from the corporate world, Rebecca started her own one-woman business and currently designs and creates one-of-a-kind baby bedding and apparel in her Minneapolis design studio, where you can find the Grey Gardens of fabric collections, but much cleaner.

There is not a fiber art that can slow her down – Rebecca enjoys hand-knitting, crocheting, weaving, printing and dying, and although sewing and apparel design have always been her greatest crafting passions, the non-intuitive, fading craft of machine knitting has been taking her center stage. And by the way, she doesn’t “really” like sock monkeys, just ask her.

Trish Hoskins

After several years of Crafty Planet ownership, Trish still can’t quite believe anyone considers her an expert on her own name, let alone the brave new world of crafts. However, she does her best to hide her uncertainty behind her pile of fabrics, yarns, and sewing machines.

Her favorite crafting activity varies from day to day, if not hour to hour, but she enjoys knitting, crocheting, spinning, sewing, quilting, embroidery, and cross-stitching equally … until the next great project catches her eye. Most of all she enjoys teaching others and helping them find the bliss hidden within a great big stash of beautiful textiles.

Her secret identity is librarian extraordinaire, just like Batgirl.

Heather Hint

Fueled by her questionable home-brewed (fermented?) kombucha, Heather is far too busy imagining new project ideas, the many labor intensive steps involved to accomplish them, and the possible failure to finish them just as she sees them in her head, to actually commit to carrying many out. Her latest “project” is scheming up a way to get her hands on a sweet vintage Vagabond trailer, hitch it to her car and troll down two-lane highways to the Desert Southwest. And the Northeast. And New England. And Canada. Not Alaska though, too scary.

Becky Klay

Becky’s first sewing project was a pink felt poncho for her Monchhichi doll; her most recent was one of the many pieces of embroidered jewelry she’s stitched up as the proprietor of Small Motor Designs. Becky’s continually astounded by all the fabulous things area crafters are putting out there, and never met a handmade tote she didn’t like. By day, she hangs out with a bunch of hip two-year-olds and dabbles in finger paint.

Blake Himsl Hunter

Blake is a freelance illustrator working out of the Twin Cities. His mother had him do tons of crafts to keep him busy as a youth, often with disastrous results. Blake makes a wide range of images that have appeared on cards, hand bags, and t-shirts. He and his wife make their son wear his pants on his head, which is insanely cute!

Kristen Maynard

Originally from the grand state of New Jersey, Kristen spent way too many years in graduate school in Boston before moving to Minnesota for a short-term position at a well-known area University. She assumed she would eventually return to the East Coast, but then she took a crochet class at Crafty Planet. During the class, Kristen offhandedly mentioned her single status, to which the instructor said, “I should introduce you to Pete!” Six years later, Kristen is still here, married to Pete, working at the same well-known University, and partaking in way too many craft projects when time allows. She’s still working on that other sock, and never finished that pair of mittens.

Retired No Coasters

Ellen Agren

Ellen spends her days cleaning teeth and day dreaming about a world without plaque. By night she dreams of craft projects to be done but her crafting ADD rarely lets her complete a project. Ellen is currently working on 1 sweater, 2 scarves, 3 knitted stuffed animals, 1 baby bib, 1 dress, a set of curtains and much more. She has had success this summer with two of the project she actually finished. At the famous Wright County Fair she took second place in “Hand Knit – Scarf” and third place in “Skirt – Adult”.

Tracy Parker

Tracy Parker is a life-long crafter and owner of Pumpkin Girl — an indie craft business dedicated to a “country store” approach to the products she offers — retro cards, adorable kids stuff and a variety of other accessories made with a vintage flair. In middle school Home Economics class, she was once cited with a “speeding ticket” for sewing too fast. Tracy is a self-proclaimed Word Nerd who, at age 14, created her own all-female ‘zine (Waxpaper and later Listen Jerk) before the word “Riot Grrrl” was even coined. She was a bad girl, alright. Lookout, Martha, there’s a new sheriff in town.

Tracy has participated in a number of craft sales both hip and unhip and considers herself well-read on the subject of planning craft events and vendor preparation. Tracy “daylights” as a working stiff who manages projects in the small business division of a major financial services company. Her experience in the land o’ cubicles has prepared her for the important work of helping to choreograph the dance that makes possible the annual No Coast Craft-o-rama and the myriad other activities blossoming into the Crafters Local 612’s mission to serve handcrafters of the region.

Kristen Himsl Hunter

Kristen Himsl Hunter finds that crafting helps to balance her current career working among nerdy engineer types. She loves sewing and embroidery most of all and churns out wacky custom made projects with her illustrator husband. Newly a mom, Kristen can be found running to the sewing machine during naptimes and churning out tiny pants, toys and quilts galore. Her “Fabric Paper Doll” won a blue ribbon at 2008 MN State Fair and was featured on HGTV’s crafting show “That’s Clever”.

Brooke Hipsher

Back in the day when Brooke was making messes with mod podge, paper scraps, and shiny tiles, she never would have guessed that her hobby would actually turn into a one-woman business. She is the creator of giraffe art + utility, a company that provides people near and far many unique products to protect the flat surfaces in their homes, also known as coasters and trivets. She is happy this venture has worked out, since coasters stack much nicer than half-finished afghans and quilts.

When she is not busy strengthening her arm muscles by making the heaviest craft known to man, she is a teacher, where she is constantly laughing with and inspired by her first-grade friends .

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