Crafters Local 612 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing organizational leadership to underserved craftspeople and artists in the upper Midwest by planning shows, exhibits and educational opportunities that bring awareness and appreciation of modern arts and crafts to the larger community. Primarily, the group promotes arts and crafts in the Twin Cities metro area by providing artists and crafters with showing, exhibition, educational and networking opportunities to foster the public’s appreciation and understanding of art and craft’s relevance to modern urban life. There is an overarching support and encouragement for the creativity and artistic excellence of craft artists in the Upper Midwest.

We welcome all crafters to participate in our events and activities.


Crafters Local 612 was formed out of a group of people who wanted to plan a different kind of craft event for the Twin Cities. The group thought that they would want the option to be “bigger” than the event, so they created a name for themselves – Crafters Local 612. The group had it in mind that someone out there should really be helping to organize local craftspeople and connect them better with each other and with the community. In 2008 that goal became reality with the official founding of the Crafters Local 612 nonprofit organization.

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